Freight transport by food and chemical tank trucks

Petva kroviniu gabenimas cisternomis

Petva international freight transport by food and chemical tank trucks

Petva truck fleet includes 70 tank trucks. The majority of tank trucks are intended for carrying hazardous goods (ADR) and other liquid cargo. Our tank trucks are maintained and repaired by our Petva Truck Service.


  • 25 - Three-section pressure ADR tanks with autonomous heating. Best for chocolate or spirits.
  • 15 - Three-section pressure tanks with autonomous heating. Also suitable for carriage of chocolate or various types of oil.
  • 10 - Three-section tanks with autonomous heating, suitable for chocolate and juice.
  • 5 - Three-section food tanks, which mainly transport wine, juices, oils and milk.
  • 15 ADR Tank Container Chassis. They ship any customer Tank containers or rent Tank containers according to the needs of our customers.

International transport:

40 sets with 120 cubic metres cargo capacity each

30 new semi-trailers with refrigeration system