PETVA UAB Uses Tank Trucks of Highest Category

  • PETVA UAB Uses Tank Trucks of Highest Category

    PETVA UAB Uses Tank Trucks of Highest Category

    The Kaunas company Petva UAB, one of the leaders in the field of providing combined solutions for carriers, added the top-class tank trucks to its fleet. New capacity vehicles with a firm chassis can safely transport all ADR cargo, not just alcohol or beer fermented under high pressure, but also delicious chocolate!

    Petva`s carriers will finish 20 years of successful work with significantly reinforced inventory. Not just new tank trucks but all types of semi-trailers are carefully maintained at the Petva Service modern vehicle repair.

    “The reality of our business determines the broad profile and high professionalism of our foremen. In order to compete in the market, we have to take care of our vehicles, which today makes up more than 200 units. We have all European brands of trunks, tank trucks of famous brands, refrigerated trucks, auto trains and tilt semi-trailers,“ says Petva UAB director Rolandas Skiparis.

    The director believes that Petva`s twenty year-old experience allows it on their own to carry out long-distance freight trips in dozens different directions across Europe and Asia. All Petva`s trucks are not only carefully maintained by engineers but also look nice. For quite some time now, Petva UAB is using its fast car wash. Each vehicle visits it before taking to the road.

    The combined transport service center opened at the beginning of the western bypass of Kaunas is open to all carriers. Each colleague will receive a qualified and genuine service here. In order to better meet the needs of carriers, Petva shares its document management and cargo tracking services.

    “All services for carriers are located near the highway, under one roof,” Petva UAB director Rolandas Skiparis highlights today’s achievements.

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